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Chief editior:

Professor Xuelong Jin

Tianjin Medical University, China

Shiga University of Medical Science, Japan



Kawachinagano-shi,Osaka-fu, Japan

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Cerebral vascular disease


I graduated from the department of medicine, Tianjin Medical University ,China in July 1989.
I graduated from the departmen of Physiology, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine,Japan as a doctor course.
and I got my Ph.D degree from Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, Japan in March 2000.


from Nov,2005 to this day as an Professor in the department of Physiology, tianjin medical University, China.
from Apr 2001 to Oct 2005 as an Associate professor in the department of Physiology, tianjin medical University,China.
from Aug 2000 to Mar 2001 as a Postdoctoral Researcher in Osaka Bioscience Institute, Japan.
from Aug 1989 to Apr 2001 as a medical Doctor in the department of neurology, tianjin First central Hospital,China.


1. Won the science and technology achievement award of tianjin medical university in 2015, prize number: Jinyi KG14002-1
2. In 2002, the paper "discussion of microcirculation dynamics of duodenumand jejunum mucous villi under brainstem hemorrhage in rabbits with redcolorimetric coordinates" won the first prize of the excellent paper of tianjin physiological science society
3. Guided the graduate students to win the award of excellent young researcher of shinaiya of the fifth Chinese microcirculation society
4. Guided two graduate students to win of the award of excellent young researcher of the 37th Japan brain science society.


Editorial Board

Editor in chief, Journal of Brain Science indexed by Scopus.
Editor in chief, Nature medicine Japan.

Membership of Academic Society

The main councilor of Chinese society for microcirculation as national first class society.
The chairman of professional committee of Chinese microcirculation society for cerebrovascular disease.
The main councilor of the Japan brain science society.
The member of a council of Tianjin physiological science society.


More than 60papers
Papers as first author:
1. Negative correlation of CD34+ cells with blood-brain barrier permeability following traumatic brain injury in a rat model MICROCIRCULATION.2014 Nov;21(8):696-702
indexed in SCI database.
2.The dynamic changes of capillary permeability and up-regulation of VEGF in rats following radiation-induced brain injury MICROCIRCULATION.2014.2 21(2):171-177
indexed in SCI database.
3.The Interaction of Leukocytes and Adhesion Molecules in Mesenteric Microvessel Endothelial Cells after Internal Capsule Hemorrhage. MICROCIRCULATION.2012.8 19(6):539-546
indexed in SCI database.
4.The expression of endothelial barrierantigen (EBA) and S100B in the rat parietal cortex following brain irradiation Brain Research 1558 (2014) 84–89
indexed in SCI database.
#:First author*:Correspondence author


As the scientific research project leader:
1.Initial foundation for Chinese scientist from foreign country “exploration on the premonitory microcirculation indications of stress gastrointestinal bleeding during brain stem hemorrhage".
The project was finished.
2.Project director of natural science foundation of tianjin: "investigation on the premonitory microcirculation indications of stress gastrointestinal bleeding during internal capsular hemorrhage".
The project was finished.
3.Director of talent fund project of tianjin medical university: "research on microcirculation indications of stress gastrointestinal bleeding during brain trauma".
The project was finished.
4.National science and technology project of ministry of science and technology of China: neuroprotection of cold shock protein and application of cell transplantation in the treatment of brain injury.
As a subproject leader.
The project was finished.
As a member of following project:
1.Experimental study on composition characteristics of xuanfudaizhe decoction of traditional Chinese medicine and regulation of mucosal barrier function in reflux esophagitis. National natural science foundation of China
The project was finished.
2.Research on high-intensity ultrasonic focusing transducer for tumor therapy. Major project of tianjin natural science foundation
The project was finished.