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Authorisation for the author's thesis

Authorisation for the author's thesis


Nature medicine Japan (ONLINE ISSN:2433-7897)

Chief   Editor   of   Nature medicine Japan:

Professor Xuelong Jin


I agree my paper “                                                      ”to be published in the Journal of Nature medicine Japan (ONLINE ISSN:2433-7897) and to be uploaded on the internet database and to be read globally and I don’t require any reward. I agree to transfer my copyrights to the Nature medicine Japan on the date of signing this agreement if the article has been accepted for publication by Nature medicine Japan.

The Nature medicine Japan has the rights for, but not limited to compilation, publication, reproduction, interpretation, E-publication, and worldwide transmission of the article in whole or in part, while permitting to be include in, searched and used by retrieval systems such as Internet or databases in the world, or to be published and used in other languages via different media existing or arising later in the way.

   Your sincerely

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