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Nature medicine Japan,Dec31,2018,Vol.1, issue1
Progress in the treatment of epileptic brain injury with non-traditional
antiepileptic drugs
Yu-xiao Sun; Hong Ni*
Nature medicine Japan,Apr27,2019,Vol.2, issue1
GDF8 and GDF11 expression in the adult rat trigeminal nuclei Yutaro Hayashi, Sumiko Mikawa, Chikara Ogawa, Kazuma Masumoto, Fuminori Katou, and Kohji Sato
Nature medicine Japan,Aug11,2019,Vol.2, issue2

Iron accumulation leads to bone loss

Ye Yuan, Xuelong Jin, Youjia Xu

Nature medicine Japan, Nov30, 2020, Vol.3, issue1

Advances in the Approach for Analysis of regional blood flow

Qingyuan Shi, Xuelong Jin

Nature medicine Japan, Dec5, 2020, Vol.3, issue2

Research progress in CT imaging analysis for early diagnosis of appendicitis in children

Shuai Zhao, Xuelong Jin

Nature medicine Japan, Jun5, 2021, Vol.4, issue1

The potential mechanism of plasmalogen reduction in Alzheimer’s diseases and effect of plasmalogen supplementation to Alzheimer's disease.

Yingjie Bi, Xuelong Jin

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